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torn gastroncemius muscle in calf


I tore this nine days ago and it is no better. I really didn’t get enough ice, elevation, ibyprophrum (spelling, sorry) at first but the last two days have been total elevation, icing and ibyprophrum.
The buldge in the calf (doctor says its blood) is till there and very tender. I cannot straighten my leg and put my heel flat without pain. I don’t know if I should even be trying to do this at this point or if I should wait for the initial healing. It feels like its no better this nine day later. Advice?

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  1. I’ve torn the gastroc in both legs; one complete which was not diagnosed properly…and a partial tear more recently in other leg; Don’t use your leg until you can walk heel-toe without pain. Keep it elevated and wrapped from the toes up. Do you notice the blood pooling around your ankle? Good luck!

  2. When I tore my Gastroc my Orthopedic surgeon had me completely off it for two weeks. After that I went to work but had to keep it elevated for 4 more weeks. I was icing all the time. 6-8 weeks of PT afterwards helped me recover.If I were you I would see an orthopedic surgeon. My family doctor and Ortho surgeon were also very concerned about circulation loss due to the bruising and internal bleeding. Better safe than sorry.