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torn hamstring


recently i have had tightness in the back of my upper thigh and now it is swelling and bruising. I was told i possibly tore my hamstring but i always imagined that this would be much much more painful. I can still walk and run with only minor pain so i would like to know if it is possible that i do not have a torn hamstring or if i just have a high pain tolerance.

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  1. i was playing hockey and i stepped on a guys stick and my left leg slid out from under me. I fell back and was able to stop myself from banging the back of my head on the ground. Ever since then it’s been really hard to extend my left leg out to walk. The pain i am experiencing is in the upper gluteal area like i pulled a muscle. There is a lot of tingling in my foot and lower leg. This happened like 5 months ago and i was wondering if this is just something that will go away or if i tore muscle that originated on my hip like the hamstring.