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torn hamstring…


I am a competitive athlete and I tore my hamstring real bad.
What drills can I do to get its strength back and my quickness & speed???

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  1. Hi, I don’t know what wrong with my right upper quad right yet. I already went to the doctor and I’m waiting to see a chiropactor in a couple days. I really don’t know whats wrong. I fell down in a baketball game and I was unable to bend my knee after. I probably could however, it pains for me to do so. There is no damage done to my knee however, the doctor says it is a torn muscle. I do not know what to think. I am a really good basketball player and I still got 2 tournaments left in my league. One is in 2 weeks and the other in like 5 weeks. I’m really scared, help me!

  2. I pulled my hamstring about a month ago and I’m about to start college and tryout for the dance team. What exercises can I do to get my strength back and not worry about it getting any worse?

  3. have a bad torn hamstring through a water sking accident, what can I do to help it mend quicker and get the strength back I had before.ThankyouClaire