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Torn Hamstring


Today is day 7 of a torn hamstring.
Is it normal for there to be more localized pain then when the injury occured? The first few days following the tear there was no discolorization and the whole hamstring hurt and no swelling present.
Today I have constant pain in one general area, swelling and a ton of brusing.


  1. I have had pain in my hip for over 3 years. Finally I was able to get a doctor to do an MRI, and it shows that I have a torn hamstring and tears in the ligaments. What will an orthopedists tell me to stop the constant pain that I have been in for over 3 years and how could I have done this?

  2. I tore my hamstring playing rugby last october and I had brusing for about a month. The top of my hamstring was brused first then it brused all the way down to the back of my knee. I tore part of the hamsting off the bone so I am still doing PT and am not able to run yet either. I am trying to avoid having surgery. My OS said he would have to cut the back of my leg open from just below my sensored to the back of my knee. If I do not get surgery he said I will most likely have a limp for the rest of my life. I am 23 years old so that is upsetting. Just hang in there make sure you ice everyday and got do PT if you have not yet started because you muscle needs to be stretched and strengthend.