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Torn ligament


I recently had an injury, where one of my left knee ligaments was torn. I am looking for advice as to what type of knee support, or any other type of equipment to use.
I live in RI, and here it is realy hard these days to get hold on orthopedists, and the earliest appointment I could schedule was for August 9, 2004. So I am wondering how to take care of the knee until the appointment, where we will presumably discuss about a surgery date as well. Unfortunately i am not in a position where i could rest at home during this period, since at the same time I am preparing to finish graduate school, and already starting another project. But of course, if the only way to prevent permanent damage for the future is to rest, I will certainly do so.Any type of comments/suggestions are welcome!
Thank you very much!Best regards,Charlie


  1. I am sorry I can not give you information regarding your knee as I am a podiatrist-foot spesensoredt.Perhaps you can do a search for an orthopedist who answers questions.