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Torn Ligaments


HiyaRecently I tore several ligaments in my left ankle and have been only playing sport again properly for the last month and a half.
I am a serious netball player but everytime I play I experience alot of pain in it, usually when Im standing on the balls of my feet. I was having physio for it but the beginning of January my physio dismissed me,saying there was nothing wrong although I was still in quite a bit of pain. Do you think there is still a problem with my ankle? Also, I keep ”going over” on it and thats a major problem as the pain then is so bad that I cant finish the rest of the game which is extremly distressing and annoying. Would recomend any particular type of support ie an ankle brace? At he moment Im using tape to hold my foot togther but it isnt too effective. Thankls for you timeKirsti


  1. If you were to present to my office with this complaint, I would recommend a MRI. Depending on what I found the options would range from immobilization or an ankle brace or even surgical repair if severe ligament damage has occured.I recommend you get another opinion.