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torn ligaments in the lower back


Doctors say I have a torn ligament L4L5 area and they can’t fix it. I am using 100mg duragesic patch (fentanyl transdermal system) and Lortabs for bleed through pain. I am desperate, it’s hard to live with the constant pain and I’m afraid that they will try morphine next. Why isn’t there something that can be done to reattach or replace a ligament in the back? It’s done for knees and elbows, why not in the back? Can anything be done without surgery to strenghten ligaments.Please help me.

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  1. I tore a ligament around 8/03 and it was horrible. I missed days of work because of it until I finally convinced my chiropractor how much it hurt and he gave me steroids. 8 months later it’s better but when I snowboard,bike or anything it brings back some pain for a couple of days. Hopefully someday it will be completly healed. I was unable to find any help for the condition. Just excercise the back to strengthen it is the only thing I found to help with the pain.