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torn muscle rehab


Im a national level competetive bodybuilder and tore my left bicept. What should I do to rehab it, and can it regain the same size as before without deformation?

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  1. About 4 years ago I tore my left peck pretty close to my shoulder. When the injury occured my peck immediatly had a lump or knot and I could not move it. I was in the Marines at the time, saw a doc and was sent on my way. I didnt go thru any rehab just rest and no lifting. Yesterday I experienced something similar on my right side. The pain was not as severe, and I still had enough power to push the weight up with little assistance. I have limited range of motion as well as pain when i shift my jeep into second gear but not when i push forward. Is my injury a strain or a tear and what is the best way to heal it?