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torn or separated bicep


My daughter was injured at work on New Years Eve.
She is a nurse.
Her right arm is actually useless to her right now.
MRI showed nothing much. Ortho says he feels she has a separated bicep from the shoulder to her elbow.
He has prescribed 2 weeks of therapy, but I don’t see how, when she can’t move it or apply any pressure on it.
Then, he will look into surgery.
It is a comp case and we all know how they work.
What is her best action?
She needs her arm and right now, can not use it at all.
She is on pain killers and muscle relaxants and they don’t work.Please help.
Thank you.


  1. I had surgery in 1989 for a torn bicip muscle because I was a bowler and only 35 years old. The surgeon mentioned he put a staple in there and I shouldnt have any problems with it but if I did I should call him. Now 15 years later I am having a lot of pain in my upper arm. I can go straight up, out to the front, and backwards with little or no pain but I can not reach for things to the side. I am wondering if this sounds like it is something to do with a staple because most of my reasearch has indicated surgery is not necessary if you are not very active and are older when you are having bicep problems. Since I can “walk my arm up the wall” I dont know what type of exercises I should do for a side ways motion. At this time, I do not have medical insurance and cannot go to the Dr. if it is something that can be solved by exercise or some tpe of simple treatment. I would appreciate you advice. I also did not know if I should try a strap like I used for tennis elbow when I bowled. If so do I use it above or below the elbow? Thank You

  2. In January, fell on tile floor hitting directly on my (R) elbow. Had usual, swelling, black & blue whole arm and pain. Now, most of elbow swelling and pain subsided. Unfortunately, still have swelling above elbow and not able to straighten arm. Maybe a loss of 10 degrees of extension. Went to see orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with torn tricep muscle. Scheduled for MRI. Two options: surgery to reattach one of heads ( most of pain near elbow occurs on interior side closest to body) or rest/recuperation. What would your opinion be?

  3. Mr son tore either his bicep or tricep and is in much pain. The emergency room put him in a sling and told him to see an orthopedic doctor the next week. He has not yet been able to see a doctor but his arm from elbow to shoulder is turning black and blue. He does not want to have surgery if possible. Will this injury heal on its own? How long does it take to heal? If he doesn’t keep it immobile, will that hinder healing?