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torn pectoral tendon


I was wondering if anyone knew how long I can go before its to late to get my chest tendon re-attached? I had the surgery 2weeks after the incident but I tore it out again 10day later, I need to get it re-done as my surgeon has refused to re-do it. I’m in the process of finding another surgeon but it is taking a long time. It’s been 8weeks since I re-tore it. I’m looking for an answer on how long I can wait before its too late to re-attatch it.


  1. I tore my left peck in feb 2005 doing flat bench.I was told not to bother with surgery at time because I was not an athelete.I have continued to train though my pec has indentation and is weaker.I cannot find any local surgeons(ithaca,ny) who will touch it esp now is there anyone around central; new york who specializes in this?