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torn planter fascia


I have what appears to be diagnosed as planter fasciitis by a doctor who can’t remember the last time he diagnosed anyone with it. I did some searching on the internet and the only thing that I can seem to find on this topic is a chronic problem for runners. I have never had any problem before. I cannot put any pressure on it so it does not sound like a the chronic problem that all of these articles on the internet are about. I live in Colorado and it sounds like I need to go to a doctor who is more familiar with this condition. Any suggestions??


  1. My husband tore the Plantar Facia. The MRI showed that it was torn. He is wearing an Orthopeic Boot but the pain is still so intense. He is on two anti-inflamatory medications. The Doctor told him that it will take months to heal. Do you know of any other treatments?

  2. Look in your phone book or insurance plan web site for podiatrists. When you call, ask if they treat this problem. It is a very common problem most podiatrists treat. In my office, after ingrown nails this is the most common thing I see.