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Torn Tendon in Ankle


Just got results of MRI stating I have torn tendons in my ankle.
Podiatrist wants me to wear a brace/cast to immobilize my ankle for 6 – 12 months to see if it helps. He says then maybe surgery.
Should I seek another opinion, maybe an orothopedist?
I don’t want to waste possibly 1 year to find out it is still a problem. Would rather have surgery to get this taken care of.
Has been going on for 3 months now.
Any suggestions


  1. Hi,My kid is 9 years old and he plays a lot of soccer. For a few months already he has a heel pain in the area of the back bone. The pain goes on and off. It used to be only when he pressed that bone with the finger, but now it started hurting whenever he puts the foot on the ground, with or without shoes. I would appreciate the advice on this matter…

  2. i have torn tendons in my ankle which is very painful i went to a physiotherapist and said i would have to rest for up to 6 weeks which i have done but after one game of rugby it has started to play up again what shall i do give up rugby or go to have it seen to again

  3. Certainly, you are within your rights to obtain another opinion from anyone you choose, whether it is an orthopedist or podiatrist.