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treatment schedule


Hi Dr Bunting.
I have been seeing a new chiropractor for about 6 weeks now.
I have been a patient in another province for a few years, but haven’t been again in about 2 years or so.
So, I started new with this chiro, who practises the activator method.
I have been seeing him for about 2-3 times per week, and am now expecting the adjustments to taper off.
When I had my assessment done, he suggested curve correction to take place in the near future, and that near future is now.
I am asking this question because I am a skeptic, and am unsure of his intentions.
He seems like a really trustworthy guy, but he wants to see me twice per week for the next 3 months, and once per week for the remainder of a year, which is 40 weeks. He also wants me to come back in for x-rays, and a re-evaluation, at an additional cost. This works out to a whopping $3086 over the course of a year.
He also wants me to purchase a posture pump, if that is the correct term, to aid in fixing the curve in my neck. ($190) Oh and also in the future, orthotics- $400.The skeptic in me says, WHOA that’s a lot of adjustments and A LOT of money.
What do you think?
Is it all really necessary? The curve in my neck is slightly straightened out, and I am a headache sufferer. But aren’t LOTS of peoples neck curve straightened out a bit?


  1. Let me continue further. This site will cut my posts off if I make them too long. This may help answer your question further. “Adjustments alone have never been proven to restore neck curves (or the normal “lordotic” curve). There is a chiropractic system that touts curve restoration, and it involves a head harness that tractions and extends the neck over a wedge or fulcrum. While the research on the outcomes appears impressive, it is highly criticized by the clinical science community. What we’re not sure about is if restoring a neck curve is important, or essential to good health. We assume it is. Is it worth months and months of treatment and significant costs to improve a neck curve when it may not change your health, or your future neck pain history? On that note, exercises will also not change your lost neck curve, but exercises to the neck and upper back and shoulder girdle muscles are probably good to do if you have a neck problem. More important than neck curves on xray is a patient’s functional outcome in their treatment program. Is your neck pain gone? Are your ranges of motion improved? Can you perform daily activities without problems?”

    • Thanks for the info!! I’m 28 years old, and I am very active. I can perform pretty much any physical activity I wish to, and my headaches have been improving with the adjustments I have been receiving. I have turned down the curve correction thing, because I feel like I am doing OK so far! I told the Dr. I am interested in the posture pump to help alleviate some pain and pressure when it bothers me, and we reviewed some exercises and stretches for me to work on.Thanks again!