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Turf toe


My son has just been diagnosed with TURF TOE due to a soccer injury. Unfortunately he also cracked the growth plate. Can you tell me what type of bandage, support, shoe inserts, brace, etc. I can get to protect his injury while he plays and where can I get these products?

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  1. Debbie,You did not give your son’s age, but since you mentioned a fracture in his growth plate, I would suspect he is a teenager. I would not want to guess on this, as it is important that things be treated properly whenever a growth plate is involved. Your son needs to have these specifics answered by his doctor…which should probably be either an Orthopedist or Podiatrist. Please have him treated by one of the above specialists, and then let us know how he makes out. Turf Toe is difficult to treat…he could probably benefit greatly from some Custom-Made Orthotics, which you should be able to order thru the doctor’s office. Also, if he has access to a Certified Athletic Trainer, that would be helpful with the rehab. Good luck!