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Unbearable toe cramps & discomfort! Please help!


I am 26 yrs old, with no adverse medical conditions, and I only take a decongestant (Entex) regularly- otherwise, no meds.
I have started having a cramping feeling in my feet at different times of the day it is far worst in my right foot than my left.
It seems to originate in my big toes and goes up the tops of my feet, and I have to flex and curl them repeatedly to try to get some relief.
In my right foot, it spreads out to my other toes, too, and although massage and soaking in warm water seem to help a little, the feeling rarely goes away completely and inevitably comes back.
It’s getting to the point to where I can’t wear shoes besides flip-flops (even though it’s 35 degrees here right now) and it seems to be getting worse.
Can anyone offer some advice to help me???

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