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Unexplained bruising 1 week after surgery


I had a Morton’s Neuroma removed a week ago. Everything went very well and I have had very little discomfort. Now a week later I have notice significant bruising on my second toe. It is so purple I thought some how marker from marking my foot for surgery got on the toe. I do take classes at a university, so I do use my crutches to get me around campus. I’ve been there all day four days this week. As a result, my foot has not been elevated for any great length of time except when I return home in the evening and all night in bed. I feel like I have been lucky to be so mobile after surgery, but has my determination to ‘keep going’ caused harm? Thank you in advance for any thoughts.Stephanie

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  1. The bruising is blood that has drifted to the surface. Certainly being on your feet, gravity pulls more blood to the area. People think sitting with their foot ona chair is elevated, but it is not. Elevation higher than the heart is what works. You should always discuss your concerns with your doctor.