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upper arm pain


I have been having moderate to severe pain in the outer aspect of my right upper arm just below, not in, the shoulder. I am 62 and may have injured something while playing with my young grandaughter. The pain varies from day to day and has been going on for a few weeks. Coincidentally, my sister recently had the exact symptoms and her problem was diagnosed as a pinched nerve. Any suggestions? Thanks, M.L.R.


  1. Sounds similar to my upper arm problem. My came on in the midle of the night, for no apparent reason. I don’t recall any strain or injury of any kind in the proceeding day or days.I just turned 70, so I assume mine is age related. Most things seem to be. If you happen to se this reply, please let me know if your pain is gone? How long did it take. Painkillers, (aspirin) don’t help.Thank you. Marilyn