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Upper burning back pains


Hi, I’m 24 years old and for about 4 years now I have had this problem that just comes and goes when ever. I get this burnning back pain between my shoulder blades but it also goes around into my chest and somtimes in my lower back area. No doctors have helped me because they look at me like I’am crazy because they say they have never heard of that before. It does not just burn it mainly feels like I have really bad diareha but in my back!!I get lots of cramps when it happens and it burns badly the pain gets so bad to where Im on the floor for awhile. I have tried valium bur ir does not do a thing for me. What could this be?> Please help


  1. There are several pain referral patterns that originate from the back and “refer” symptoms to the front of the body. Problems with rib motion and associated muscle muscle spasm can often send pain referral patterns along the rib to the front of the chest.It would be best to get examined by a chiropractor or MD to assess you symptoms. Best of luck.Dr. Ibarreta