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Very, very high arches


I’m a 31yo female and I have the highest arches I’ve ever seen. My first question is, should I use any type of support in my shoes?
If I wear any sort of heel, the balls of my feet hurt terrible because it’s my feet are bent up even higher.
What will illeviate the pressure?Also, I’ve noticed over the past couple of years that when I excercise, my toes go numb first, then my feet.
The worst is when I’m riding a stationary bike.
Could it be that the shoelaces are restricting the blood, because I can barely tie the tennis shoes since my arches are so high!
Thank you.


  1. How high can your arches be? i have some female friends with high arched feet but they never complain about them.i am curious to see how high your arches are. would you mind sending me an email of some pictures of your feet? you can send it to j_lopey@yahoo thanks

  2. I recommend you get examined by a podiatrist. If you do indeed have very high arches, there can be an underlying reason. It is not likely you will find relief with most over the counter products.

    • Dr. Abrams,Thank you for your response. Would you mind explaining what can cause a high arch? I figured it was simply genetic because my dad has the same problem. I’ve been told one leg is slightly longer…And I also have a very deep arch in my back (can stick an arm underneath me when I’m laying flat on back). Could this be related?Thanks again. Kellee