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weak ankles


sometimes my feet seize up round my ankles at the front and I sunddenly have to tred lightly on my feet.
This happens everytime i try to run, and sometimes when i walk going up and down the stairs. If I dont tred lightly they become very painfull like I have sprained my ankle. I am 17 yrs old n had this problem for over a year. I have been to many doctors several times but they seem to know nothing! please help me!!

thanx sarah


  1. I love to play basketball but almost everytime i play i sprain my ankle. I do ankle excercices to try and get them stronger but i still continue to sprain them. Can you PLEASE give me some advice on what should I do?

  2. Your problem could be related to biomechanics, or some structural defect. I would suggest you get X rays with your foot in the position that would cause pain. A podiatrist who treats athletes would be a good start.