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Weak ankles


About a year ago I had a bad sprain on my right ankle that took about 6 weeks to heal.
Ever since that time both my ankles seem to get weaker every year.
I recently injured my right foot at work, there was some debate over whether or not it was broken.
The radioligist says it is broken but the podiatrist the company sent me too says it wasn’t broken and returned me to work.
Now I have occasional pain in my right foot, but usually when the weather is cool and damp.
My left foot has been causing me pain when I walk with tennis shoes or bare foot.
It feels as if something is pulled loose close to my little toe. Now, just yesterday I sprained my left ankle pretty badly. My concern is that I never had these problems over a year ago.
My ankles have progressively gotten weaker within the past year.
As I walk, I often find myself rolling my ankles, inside or out, but usually I can drop my weight from it and catch myself on my other foot, kind of a “stutter step” to keep from falling.
I have never been clumsy, I am slightly above my ideal weight.
I am 34 years old about 6′ and weigh 210lbs.
Should I be concerned about something here or am I just having a run of bad luck?


  1. After watching you walk and doing a biomechanical examination, if I did not see a good reason for your concerns, I would suggest a visit to a neurologist to evaluate for a nerve problem.

  2. I am 33yrs old, 5ft 5″ and weighs 197lbs. I have consistent blood pressure of 110/69. I am a student of radiology taking 12 credits and clinical work. I dont hold a job, but I am moderately active during the entire week. In 4/11/04, I had surgery to repair a labral tear of the acetabulum of the left hip which I sustained from a fall. I also have a history of back pain mostly of the right side and is aggravated during sitting (studying) and when getting up from my seat and bed. I experience continuous snapping and cracking of the bones @ the L5, S1 & in the right hip joint. The right foot pain is aggravated from standing and is painful if I invert the foot medially. When this occurs, I can fell a gushing sensation in my legs and feet. I also experience weakness along the length of both legs with intermittent stubbing pain in the soft tissue. Sometimes I feel like the pain is in the tibia bone itself. It doesn’t resolve with a good night rest. Since these have been occurring, I have felt that I may have flat-foot which is causing my pain. For the past month, I have been walking on the treadmill x2/week. The back pain has escalated since I started the exercises.