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I am receiving chiro proceedures now. I am putting a 3 # hanging weight from my head. my wife has weights on her head. I see conflicting reports on using weights. What is your opinion?


  1. Dear Rich,The head weighting and traction you are describing can be beneficial for your neck. please fell free to visit our web site curvesolutionsusa . com you might find our system more effective and easier to use.Kind regards,Dr Anthony Gambalecurvesolutionsusa . com877-602-7248

  2. both. my wife has the head weights and i have the hanging weights off the head with the neck collar. Have 3 # of weight. doing it daily for 10 minutes. having treatment 3x/wkwith adjustments to head and back. worrisome to me is the twisting oof the head and then hanging weights for 10 min. then doing it at home on off days. just worried about nerve damage. wife also doing head weights 7x/wk with 3 adjustments in office/wk thanks

  3. Dear Rich,Are you talking about head weighting procedures or are you talking about neck traction using weights?Kind regards dr Anthony Gambalecurvesolutionsusa . com