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What should I do?


In Oct.1996 I fell down a flight of stairs,well the Dr.’s told me that I Shattered my L4-L5 Disc on the right side.
Well I went for the surgery and was fine until Jan.7,2000 I fell again down 3 stairs, Dr. told me that I herniated my L4-L5 on the left side so we tried Aqua theraphy did not work well Oct.2000, I had another surgery.
I knew that day that something was wrong when I woke up from recovery I was in more pain then ever.
Well hear it is two years later and my Dr. tells me that I need a SPINAL FUSION because I reherniated my L4,L5 on the left side.
So I went to get another opinion and that Dr. to tells me the same, but I have another opinion with a different Dr. this week.
I’m tired of being cut open. The Dr. tells me that there is no guarentee that I will recover or that my pain will be all gone.
My chances of recovery are 75/25.
What should I do.


  1. Hello,: Iam interested in becoming a chiropractor if you could please E-Mail me some information on the schooling I would need how long? The basic classes I would need to get started and any other information you think would be helpfull.: Thank you,Haytham