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What type of orthotic is good?


I’m 36 and have plantar fasciitis for several years now… both feet, the left is the worst now.
I seen a podiatrist last week and he taped both feet for 5 days and added some cushioning in my archs (high arches).
The tape and cushion felt great and I had no pain even with working out on a treadmill, so he says I need orthotics.My question is can I just use any type of arch support or should I get fitted for a custom orthotic?
Thx in advance,David


  1. Generally, I evealuate the patient’s needs and wants. This includes the type of foot, weight, activity, shoes, willingness to wear the orthotic, and most importantly, the cost.Some patients can do fine with a pre-fab and others need the custom orthotic. I explain it is similar to reading glasses vs. prescription glasses. Your doctor would know what would be the best option for your individual foot problem.