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Which Shoulder Brace?


Hello…I will be returning to play rugby after surgery to my shoulder 2 years ago for chronic dislocations. I have been looking at braces online but I have no idea what is a good product. I have read the posts on here and looked at the sawa brace, from the picture it looks like the brace has an attachment from under the arm to the side of the chest, is that correct? I need a brace that will allow as much movent as possible.I was looking at the thermoskin double brace for the injured side and then some protection for the other shoulder? Would this brace be any good? Here is a link to the brace. sensored://, I appreciate any help…

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  1. Hey i know this site was from May, but i have the same problem and I play football in the US and need a shoulder brace because of chronic dislocations….if you had any success with any of the products email me with the info please