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Wrist Pain


I work out 3 – 4 days a week, running and lifting weights.
I am very careful to use the machines correctly, paying close attention to position and technique.However, I woke up a week ago with severe pain in my left wrist.
The wrist does not hurt if I move it up and down, but has severe pain in the pinkie side if I twist it.
There is also a popping sound on this side at the base of the wrist with pain extending to the elbow.The wrist bone on this side is also slightly elevated when compared to the other side.
I have not fallen on the arm. Any ideas? Appreciate the input –


  1. I fractured my scaphoid on the 31/12/03(New Years Eve). I have been off my cast for the past 3 weeks. I want to start body building as soon as possible and im just wondering if i start off weight lifting would i or could damage my scaphoid again.Is their any excercises for the scaphoid or the wrist