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wrist pain


‘m 27 years old, fairly athletic, and enjoy working out and playing sports. The pain on my outer wrist started about 2 months. Wasn’t too bad at first, and I just assumed I must have strained it and it would go away quickly. It got better then worse again from not really doing much. But now it has continued to get much worse. I can make a strong fist, grab something tightly, and I don’t feel any pain at all. However, if I bend my fingers back (towards my wrist) or the opposite way, and with rotation… the pain is extreme. I am not even able to do a single push-up because of the “pushing” motion against my wrist.
It’s strange because I can’t link it back to any specific injury, and because it doesn’t hurt when I grip something. Any ideas what it could be? Would getting an x-ray help, or does it sound more like a ligament/tendon? Any help would be greatly appreciated!