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wrist tendonitis


My daughter, a gymnast, has bilateral wrist tendonitis with orders for O.T./P.T. We just started seeing a hand therapist who wants my daughter to rest her wrists for the second week ( no gymnastics using wrist ).
My daughter is obviously upset she can’t work out. What is the usual course for therapy – my impression from our therapist is rest (amount of time to be determined) and then exercises to strenghten before returning to gymnastics.

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  1. Hello I wonder if you any suggestions I had a slight wrist fracture over two years ago, then last year fell on my knee and unfortunately also my hand same one of course the left. This year have had a rotater cuff fracture and my wrist same side has been very painful do you think this could be causing tendinitus? I’m on medication now as my bone density is bad. Could this problem be deffered pain do you think. I did this shoulder fracture in AprilI would be very grateful for any advice you may have. I’am doing gentle excercises at the gym. Also caltrate with d. Regards Rosamund Miller.