12 weeks in–Jones fracture-any healing techniques?

I am in my 12th week of healing from a Jones fracture.
On my last MD visit (2.5 weeks ago), he said there’s “finally some improvement” and filling in on the x-ray.
Is there anything you recommend, other than bone stimulation, that I can do to speed up the healing process?
I’ve also been allergic to milk products all my life, and just began taking calcium supplements.
Are there any specific calcium supplements, or again- healing techniques-that you suggest?
This is extremely frustrating for me as I’m typically an active person.
Thanks for your help. -Shira

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    I’am currently in my fith month of have a jones fracture. My doctor hade my in a cast at first then there was a little bit of recovery. Then he put me in a walking cast with a special walking shoe. There was no bone growth I have a screw in my foot but there is no recovery we tryed a bone stimlater but no luck can you give me better ideas so I can go about my life thank you happy hoildays


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