12 YO with HighArch & is Numb..signs of MS?HELP!

My 12 yo nephew has an extremely high arch (almost abnormal).
He has “drop foot” and is now completely numb in his left foot and some in his right.
We are going through every test in the world but to no conclusions, baffeling every doctor.
Could be MS, nerve damage?
Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Approximately 2/3 of patients with a cavus (high arch) foot have a neurological problem. Depending on the patient’s age, some diagnoses are more unlikely. MS is not noted for being diagnosed in 12 year olds. I would recommend a pediatric neurologist. If you were in Dallas, Texas, I would refer you to Texas Scottish Rite. They are a center for pediatric medicine. If you are near a medical school call the department of neurology and see if any of the professors see children.As far as throwing out possibly disgnoses, that would be simply guessing without an evaluation. Good luck.


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