13yr old daughter broke leg

our 13 yr old daughter broke her leg about an inch below her left knee. She was put in a cast at the hospital and given a follow appt with an orthopedic surgeon for 2 weeks later.We went to that appt and he took the cast off even though the bone was not healed but chose not to recast it saying something about the muscle he was not to clear.Is this normal and why would he make this decision? She is still not allowed to bear weight on it and will still be on crutches for 6 weeks. She has been told to move the leg very little. What is this and why would this affect having her leg recast. I worry about her at school that it will get bumped or twisted.

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    I suggest you call your doctors office and ask for a clearer explanation of why he would not put the cast back on and tell him of your concerns.


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