15mth old bruised big toe

My active 15mth old toddler who tried to grab the wireless keyboard from the table but instead the heavy keyboard fell on his big toe causing a bad bruise on 4th December 2014 morning. On 9th December 2014, we brought him to the GP who helped to remove the blood clot by piercing a heated needle into his swollen toe nail. And yesterday 15th December 2014, we discovered that the toe nail is coming off almost completely. Was wondering if we can try to remove the whole nail ourselves as we are worried the nail may tear prematurely due to his activities.Also how long does it take for the nail to regrow? Is there anything we need to take note of in order to ensure the nail grows properly? When can he start wearing covered shoes again. Now he’s wearing sandals everywhere.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As I can’t see the problem, anything I suggest may not be exact.If the nail is not causing any throuble for now, I suggest leaving it alone. If there is a snagged edge, try cutting it or filing it so it is not a problem. Nails in an adult take approximately 1 year to regrow from beginning to end. In a toddler, it will likely be much faster than that. Usuually the new nail will pusht he old nail off.


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