2 mortons neuroma surgeries – each foot – not any better

Hello !! Thank you so much for takign the time to read this and offerany input.
It is most appreciated :)I have had 2 neuroma surgeries on each foot.
(3rd/4th toe)The decision to do this came after a series of failed alcohol injections (which made things worse than ever).
With each surgery, things didn’t feel too bad to begin with (incision on the top of the foot) but as time went on the feeling of fullness in the forefoot, numbness, the feel of stepping on a wire, CLUNK always returns. Arghhh I hate it and the toes still burn !!! 3rd/4th feels like.More surgeries seem like a waste of time.My podiatrist is at a loss and just believes scar tissue to be the problem and says not much can be done at this point.
He says things are clean inside from what he can tell so again just points to star tissue.
I wish I could re-do everything and have the incision done on the bottom to see if any difference would have been foundbut we shall never know.
I guess not much to do except keep walking, hope things alleviate a little bit in time and THROW THINGS when needed 🙂 arghhhhhthanks for listening — Rob

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Sometimes scar tissue is a problem with any type of surgery, not just foot surgery. You might discuss another injection of cortisone with your doctor. You might discuss Neurontin or another drug in that class, such as Lyrica.A visit to a neurologist or pain management doctor might be a thought. Good luck.


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