2nd op and knee still's feels funny.

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Hi there fellow knee sufferes.
I am new to this forum only because im a looking for some feedback regarding my knee prob.
4 years ago I was playing football for my local side which is where my original injury occured.I went to tackle a player,in which I trapped my leg in between his causing my leg to be twisted and tearing my cruciate ligament and damaging the cartiliage. I had the operation done private and pretty quick and they grafted part of my thigh and used as my cruciate ligament and tidied up my cartiliage. I got back to playing football for two years and then one saturday afternoon I heard a loud pop,and straight away had swelling and was unable to walk. I let it heal for a few weeks and went in for my second operation when I discovered I had damaged my cartiliage again and stretched my already repaired manmade fibred cruciate ligament a couple of mil.I’ve had a couple of physio sessions and have slowly got back into the gym. At the moment I am lifting more weights on my leg than I could before and I am finding it ok to do fitness. However the problem is I still get a lot of popping and it feels very weak in certain positions. I’ve gone back to the physio and explained my situation and received the reply to keep building the muscle up. Its been 9 months now since the last op. and I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to play again this season.
Anyone got any feedback as to what I have done?? or should I continue building on the muscle? will i need reconstruction surgery??

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    that’s the last option,quitting…love the sport 2 the moment i’m quite happy 2 drop down a few levels.all i wanna do is play football again.just for fun……touch wood,my right leg is sound.just my left.i’m 25 so i’ll keep trying.just have 2 suffer later on in life.


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    retire mate, before it’s too late!!

    I cut my boots up last week, fair enough I’m 32 now but was happily playing the best football I’ve ever played.

    A fractured femur, torn quad muscle, damaged knee ligaments on my left leg in pre-season last year. I was back in the team after months of hard work getting fit and for what…. 3 games and now a knackered right knee which clicks and grinds.

    I took a whack on the knee and our physio says I may have torn my articular cartilage under my knee cap…



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