2nd or 3rd degree MCL tear

I am 3 weeks out from a torn MCL. However, I have not done any ROM exercises until last night. It has been in an immobilizer this whole time. I think that has allowed scar tissue to build up. I can only bend my knee 45 degrees. I tried last night to do ROM exercises to the point of discomfort, but this morning I woke up with more swelling than I previously had. What do I do to gain ROM back, and should there be discomfort and/or swelling when doing these exercises? Like I said, I am concerned because I have started exercising it so late and am afraid of scar tissue build up. Everyone told me to keep it in the immobilizer.

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    I had the Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) tear and they had me in a brace that provided limited range of motion of the knee from 30 degrees short of extension to 60 flexion. It made it easier to rehab. It took 6 weeks to feel normal. A Physical therapist can do range of motion exercises and tell you what should be done to get your motion back without a setback


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