3 months after sprain, numbness in foot and big toe

I had a minor ankle sprain in my left foot 3 months ago, and the foot seems to be recovered in terms of there is no pain and I can walk and run on it just fine. However, the foot remains different from the uninjured right one in the following ways:- Depending on the position of the foot and what I am doing, there is a numbness at the top inside ridge of my foot leading to my big toe. It is similar to the feeling of my foot falling asleep. Touching the blood vessel that leads to the big toe on this ridge radiates a tingling along the vessel.- The top, front of the ankle that was injure is more “meaty” than the right one — that is, it is softer and seems to be more squishy than the right. (perhaps swelling, but after 3 months and no pain?)- I had the ability (and still do in my right foot) to sort of pop my ankle at will (the lower outside portion). I can’t now, but it pops frequently on its own if it has been still and I start moving it. The areas that pop in both feet are different.
What sort of problem could I have? I’ve read about the other typed of numbness mentioned here, but none seem to have been caused by a sprain.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your injury might have be more involved than you think. You did not mention any treatment, so I might assume you were not splinted or brace during the recovery. Some ( but perhaps not all) of your symptoms suggest a nerve entrapment.
    Go get your foot examined by a podiatrist.


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