3 months into wrist therapy

Hello, I broke my scaphoid in September. I had a cast for about 3 months. at the end of that, the bone didn’t heal, therefore I had surgery and a screw put into my bone and I had 2 pins also. I wore a cast for a month with the pins. Then we took the pins off, then I had a third cast put on for about 2 months.Now I have been doing physical therapy for almost 3 months, and the pain that I feel is too much, even though I have a high tolerance for pain. I can go down, but my range of motion upward is barely 15 degrees. I still can’t move it side to side. And it really hurts, and very weak. I heard that it takes about 2-3 months to be 100%, but my 3 months are up and I feel that no progress is done at all! I’ve been really patient, and my therapist says that its just going to take longer then usual.

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    hi didiflam! Based on my understanding on what you said that you are just having joint stiffness that causing so much pain. The great thing is that it still manageable and I am a little surprise that your recovery is not in the time frame of recovery for that condition. ask your therapist regarding the Mulligan’s Mobilization with movement exercises together with the sthletic corrective taping. I hope to see a significant improvement especially to your pain complaint after 2 weeks time… keep me in touch always!


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