3 months post buninectomy pain on lateral side of foot

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I had a bunionectomy 3 months ago, had my pins removed about 6 weeks ago, and started walking in regular shoes (without the cam-boot) 3 weeks ago.
I have a lot of pain on the lateral side of my foot and noticed that I’ve developed a more prominent tailor bunion than I had before.
Is this unusual?
Can this be caused by me not distributing my weight properly when I walk?
I found a product on the internet called un-shoe (see, it works to separate all the toes, by wearing the un-shoe at night, can I help prevent a tailor bunion from forming?
Also do you think the un-shoe could mess up the bunion surgery?
Could it help the bunioin on my other foot — which I’m considering having surgery on?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry I have no experience with the unshoe. I did look at it and honestly, it looks like something the pedicurists use when they paint toenails. This is a chiropractic item. I also think it is a bit pricey for what it is.
    So I can’t tell you that it will prevent future problems.


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      I had bunion surgery 10/28. Dr. is recommending physical therapy. I have still a swollen ball of foot, slight swelling of toe and bone area. I had no pins, just some scraping. How can I reduce this area without therapy. I walk alot, can wear low high heels for awhile. Regular shoes are tight. My insurance for the therapy will be a bit high. Is this normal? What is expected time for swelling to go away? Is ice of any use at this time? Thank you.


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