4 medatarsil bones broken

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I am at my wits end in this healing process. 10 months ago I broke the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th medatarsil bones in an auto accident. The foot was put in a walking cast for 3 months. I still cannot walk without the boot when working. I limp in regular shoes because the arch and achilles heel are very sore and the muscles go into spasim when used too much. The bones are healed but not perfectly. a little off. I don’t know what to do. I’m not an expert but was a dancer for 30 years and my guess is that the ligaments and tendons attached to these now ot healed so straight bones are in trouble. But no one else has even approached this as a reason for the inability to walk and the ongoing pain. The physicle therapist says I probably won’t get back 100% and the orthopod who treated me and put me in the walking boot says it might be something else like diabetes or neralgia ( something to do with the nerves. I didn’t have any problems with my feet before this accident. Its my left foot, and still I can’t walk on it without weakness and pain. What should I do? Help!?!!



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    and how long I would be off my feet/restrictions?


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