4 month hamstring injury?

Mya et al – bless you for helping! I am 28 yr female, active.4 months ago, felt slight discomfort/twinge in upper l. hamstring near buttbone when walking (no sudden injury or contusion that I can recall).
I laid off all exercise but problem worsened.. progressing to constant overall ache in upper & lateral hamstring & pain sometimes in upper gluteal. Very bad soreness in upper leg — Very painful to sit especially. Yet I have no real restriction of movement, just a little tight up there. I can walk “normally” though I usually feel soreness or twinge/pinching here and there.After 6 weeks, went to PT. They do ultrasound, 5-minute tissue massage, stretching for several minutes, gradually incorporate some easy exercises without weights — bridges, leg lifts, balances, etc.After 6 weeks of that, no marked improvement.
Went to Orthopedist who was unconcerned at 3-month mark. No MRI or X-ray. Prescribed anti-inflamm and said to cut back on stretching and do more strength training, get on a bike, etc. He seemed to think 1 month would do it.Here it is over 1 month later.. same story. Now at PT I use ankle weights and 20 min of light aerobic few times per week – easy bike, walk backwards, or elliptical. I do not feel pain during aerobic but sometimes after the weights and matwork, I feel sore. The meds helped initially but pain comes through again now.Am I re-injuring myself?
Worsening the tear? “They” say do not exercise again until you feel no pain – what if it is inflammatory-type pain that comes and goes? Doctor said “use your noodle” but yet that the only way to fix it would be to re-strengthen.
I’m confused! Frankly, I understand there may be nothing else he can do for me. But what can I do for myself?! PT says hamstring/butt are noticeably smaller than healthy one and will take several months to rebuild. I can deal with going slowly but I need some reassurance that I’m not making it worse! should I be laying off exercise completely, or will I tighten up? Does even walking make it worse?THANK YOU!

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    I am having a similar problem. My ham/glute is hurts when I stretch, but does not not have any loss of strength. I have had it checked by our trainers-( I work for a football team) and have been told it could be a nerve or I have somehow irritated the ligaments where it ties in to the pelvis. I forgot to mention that I have been running on it, and I only have pain when I try to go real fastand then only a little. I know the nerve thing probably has you saying well shouldn’t my back hurt, well sometimes it doesn,t but that is where the problem is, get an MRI of your lumbar and your hamstring, X-RAY does not show enough, I am getting one this week. I have only been dealing with this for about 5 weeks, hey it’s your leg tell your dr, pt, ect you want an MRI so they can quit guessing and find out what is really going on.


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