4th Toe Pain

My 4th toe on left foot has been paining me for about 2 weeks – I can squeeze the toe & there is NO pain, but when I walk & put pressure on it or when something touches it from the top like a heavy shoe or boot, it’s awful.
Also when I pick up my foot & the toe dangles it hurts – most of the pain is at the tip of the toe.
It also does look a little more swollen & crooked than my 4th toe on my other foot.
NONE of my other toes hurt nor does the ball of my foot.
Sometimes, not often, there is no pain.
Another clue, if I bend my toes & press down on them, there is NO pain.
This is so weird – I’ve never been in pain for anything.
Any ideas?
Maybe it’s aging – early 50’s.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I don’t think your age is the problem, after all, the rest of your body is the same age too!Without examining you, I can’t say what you have. I suggest you see a podiatrist for an examination. This might be a neuroma, but it could be other things too.


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