5 year intermint. foot for 3 years

My daughter is five years old.
She has had episodes of intermint. foot pain, especially at night, for the past 3 years.
She will awake from sleep screaming in pain.
She is inconsolable.
It usually occurs with overuse, right before an illness, or with lack of sleep.
People thought it sounded crazy, but my mother now knows how true it is, because she had an episode while spending the night with her.
I am becoming increasingly frusrated.
Her pediatrition finally sent her for x-rays, and a blood work (RF).
I think he was trying to humor the nurse mother.
But everything came back negative.
Please help!
I am tired of be told she is having growing pain, or a behavioral problem.
She is having REAL pain.
And if it were growing pains she should be about 10 feet tall by now!!!


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