5th Meatatarsal Stress Fracture

I work basically full time rushing around on a cement floor for the whole shift.
At times I push heavy carts deliving food in the hospital and pivoting the carts etc. I got a stress fracture in my fifth metatarsal. WCB has turned me down because #1 it is a common injury in athletes #2 Why wouldn’t I get one in both feet #3There is no proof that stress fractures are caused by hard surfaces #4 I also walk on my time off.
I am now appealing the descision of WCB.
I have been on the net looking for words to argue my case and found this site.
Does anyone out there have any “words” for me?
I was looking for 1)stats on time walking at work compared to time walking otherwise 2)reasons why I wouldn’t get it in both feet at the same time.
I have looked for reasons stress fractures may happen.
Most hits on the computer just say causes are athletes (not me) and secondary to other illnesses (and I am healthy otherwise).
Can anyone please help me.

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    I got a fracture on my 5th meatatarsal and I don’t know how it happened. It isnt healing. its been 2 month after my surgery. what have you done?


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