5th Metartarsal Fracture

Hi Guys, Just wondered if there is anyone out there that has fractured there fifth metartarsal and would like to share the recovery process. I have as clean break on the head on the bone. Put in a cast but could not stand that, so got a aircast boot (not allowed to put any weight on it. It has been 3 weeks now and I still get swelling when the boot is on and it goes down when I take it off, weird. Little pain near the break site.Thanks.

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    I fractured that 18 feb 2016 and its took 1 year to recover however when I had a cask on the foo for 6 weeks they said now I needed surgery which I did not have I know the foot is not stable boned never joined together only ny scar tissue. it’s a long job now I have to decide if I go for a op


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