5th metatarsal

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I have a spiral break in the middle of my 5th metatarsal.
I was given a air-walker (boot thing up to your knee) to wear, but since I was at home with my s this summer, I mainly stayed off my foot or hobble around with the flat shoe I got from the first Dr. I saw.
6 weeks later and it’s still not healed (to me it didn’t look different than the first x-ray.) I realize know that I maybe should have been walking on it, because it would have got some flowing down there.
The Dr. said I could wear hiking shoes now.
They are fine to walk in, but I think I got a size too small for my hurt foot.
It feels tingly all the time.
So I went to look for shoes that would maybe be the same, but maybe cheaper.
I found some running shoes that look like they would give me the same support as the hiking shoes.
Is there something I’m missing?
They are 1/2 the price as hiking shoes.
But I do want my bone to heal!!


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If your fracture has not healed, I would not recommend a shoe yet. I would want to see bone callus. I do not strictly adhere to the notion that all fractures heal in 6 weeks. As far as a hiking shoe vs. a street hiker, there are differences, just as there are differences in a car that costs half what another does. The more expensive shoe will have a very rigid supportive sole where the cheaper may be too flexible. Having said that, when you buy the hiking boot, you should get it at the end of the day when the foot is most swollen. It is helpful to have someone who knows the product fit you.You might want to clarify with your doctor if your foot is really healed enough for this at this time.


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    Thank you. I will ask him. I appreciate your advice. My doctor doesn’t like to talk much 🙂


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