5th Metatarsal broken

I have broken my 5th metatarsal two weeks ago (Aug. 17, 2003) playing soccer. It felt like a sprained ankle was there too but X-rays showed that its only the fifth metatarsal. The Doctor in the emergency room and my family doctor replacement痴 opinion totally contradict each other: one said that I can walk on my foot as soon as I can tolerate the pain wearing stiff hiking boots, and the other one says there is no way that I can walk on it now and it値l neve heal if I do so. The fracture is at the end of 5th metatarsal (less than 1 cm from the end, outside of my right foot). My foot is not swollen anymore and I can walk on it without too much pain now. I need to get on my foot in order to get to work, etc. ASAP. Please tell me which procedure should I follow. I知 totally lost here. I’m not sure which kind of fracture it is? (i.e. Jones, Avulsion, etc.)


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