5th Metatarsal Fracture

One week ago, I fell from an ottoman in my house and suffered a 5th metatarsal fracture. I was seen by a family practioner in a clinic who xrayed my right foot and confirmed the fracture. It is sort of midshaft and a spiral fracture. I had tremendous swelling and bruising to my toes, and alot of bruising to my second and third toes on that foot as well as the actual fracture area on the dorsal lateral aspect. I was placed in an ace wrap and a ortho shoe. I was told to not bear weight to the foot for three or four days and come back for addtional xrays in three weeks. I am still having alot of swelling if my foot is not elevated constantly, and I am having alot of pain also on the dorsal surface although it is over the 1st metatarsal, not the 5th. I am a nurse and did not see on xray any evidence of a fracture to anything but the 5th metatarsal, but the other area is reddened about the size of a half dollar and is actually causing more discomfort than the actual fracture site. Is this normal with this type of fracture? Also, I am not placing weight on the foot, because I have always understood that these types of fractures required a nonweightbearing cast for about 6 weeks. Do you think I should seek evaluation by an ortho guy?

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    4 weeks ago I fell, causing a spiral fracture to the fifth metatarsal. It was described by the doctor as a ‘nasty break’ and I am in plaster to my knee, and using crutches. My next assessment is 16th December, and as I am not able to walk on the injured foot yet, I am concerned that I may be in plaster for a longer period. I’d like to know how the usual average for a patient to be in plaster for this type of injury, and the usual period for successful healing/physio before I am able to drive (which is essential for my job). I need to be fully active by 15th January. I hope to hear from you soonEmma Crosby


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