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Dear Dr. My 10 yr. old recently stepped on a tennis ball while running and to no avail fractured his 5th metatarsal. The E.R. Dr. said it was a clean small chip off the bone, gave him a soft cast and crutches and said to see an ortho the following morning. She told me they may or may not cast it due to the inseverity of the break. We saw the ortho Dr. next morning, he casted the foot gave him a walking shoe and said see you in 3 weeks. Here’s our dilema, My son is an All-star pitcher for his little league team. They will possibly be going to the state tournament in 1 week. What are the possibilities of the cast coming off 1 week early and him playing? I have searched for any type of foot guard online but have found nothing. Would taping it be any help?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Not that this is any consolation, but I’ve been in your shoes (pardon the pun).My son fractured his hand playing baseball and lost out on a similar opportunity. I can not comment on your son’s situation as I have not examined him. I will however ask the following If the doctor is sure about the fracture then what is significant about 3 weeks. I would not expect the fracture to be fully healed then. Maybe it is just for a look see. I alwways find that no matter what I tell the patient, they always believe that when they return they will be fully well. I wish I could help you, but, contrary to what you read, see, and hear about professional athletes returning in short time. I NEVER condone this. Not that your child will understand or get over it real soon, but one day he will understand. Good luck.


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