5th metatarsal Jone’s fracture K-wire removal

Dr. Abrams, my fracture has healed perfectly.
The orthopedic specialists says that he cannot see where the break even was located.
There are 2 wires outside the underside of the bone, where the wires are twisted together.
I am walking fairly well but with a little discomfort.
I work for UPS and am on my feet literally 9 hours a day hustling boxes.
Any advice? If I choose to have them removed, how much time would it take before I’m back to work?
Additionally, will the wires calcify over time, making my decision to be made now rather than later?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The wires will not calcify. Metal is inert in the body. The impression I get is that you believe the wire is causing you discomfort. While I can’t see your X rays, your doctor has and would be the best judge. You may still have discomfort from a prolonged period of immobilization. It is hard enough for anyone to get back into the swing of things after this injury, let alone the type of job you are doing. You need clarification from your doctor.


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