5th MetaTarsal Shaft?

Sir, I am a big runner and about 2 months ago I got some severe pain in my right foot. I do not over or under pronate. When I went to my ortho he said it was possibly a Stress Frac. of the 5th. Nothing showed up on the Xray but he said the bone looked a little week. He put me in a short leg walking cast for 6 weeks. I felt the pain the entire time. After my cast came off he scheduled me for a bone scan which I am waiting for now. What is your opinion of this and what should I look for.Respectfully,Derek

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is possible you had a stress fracture. They do not always show up on an X ray immediately. Certainly a bone scan will be more helpful. If it shows uptake in the 3rd phase, you probably have a fracture. I agree with immobilizing the foot if there is an injury. Why didn’t you tell your doctor your foot continued to hurt in the cast? You might need further immobiliztion or even physical therapy. Talk to your doctor.


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